Paid political advertisement paid for and approved by Shaun Kunz for Seminole Soil and Water Group 5

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Seminole County is a great place to live. We have urban centers, and wetlands, strong suburban communities and active agricultural sites. For our part we use the land and fertile soil responsibly. I support innovation, home ownership,  and responsible, locally approved development. 

The mighty St Johns River provides us with that lazy northbound flow and three lakes. In return we keep the 257 different water resources in our county clean. 

As a candidate for Seminole Soil and Water, I am initially focusing on three key points: Protecting Home Rule, promoting Voluntary Environmentalism and Education over Regulation, and Individual Property Responsibilities. I want to use my years as an independent educator to create community outreach and education opportunities regularly.

I am looking forward to working with the Soil and Water District to set an example of what a volunteer governmental body can accomplish without over burdening the county nor mandating lifestyles or livelihoods.

There are a lot of volunteer opportunities in canvassing, sign waving and delivery, tabling, and of course actual environmental clean-ups. 

Please click through the sections. Add your contact info, and make a donation to Voluntary Environmentalism. 


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