Shaun's 5 Star Plan for Seminole Soil and Water Conservation District

I’ve been an educator for almost 20 years. I’ve been an advocate for individual rights and justice here in Seminole County.  

I’m trying to do five very specific things with this office.

  1. Community Involvement
    • I will build a Soil and Water Ambassadors Network (SWAN) of concerned citizens around the county which will share time and resources and advocate for their individual neighborhoods.
    • The same would hold for innovative businesses that are aiding the cause.
  2. Incentive
    • I will offer a certification for neighborhoods who agree to best practices in lawn care, water conservation, and land-use.
    • There would be another for businesses who do the same, or innovate in the name of conservation.
  3. Unburdened Citizens
    • I will create a unique income stream of donation meters around the county and partnerships with farms to sell landscaping mulch and compost. This way the soil and water conservation district never has to be another burden on taxpayers.
    • I will be a presence at interested organizational meetings, keeping environmentalism voluntary, not mandatory.
  4. Education and Outreach
    • I want to increase the educational out reach by taking the annual poster contest and expanding it to arts and crafts of all styles, and include local recycled/ mix media artists who can really showcase talents and bring attention to our board.
    • I will advocate for the board as a member of the homeschool/ independent school community to include more participants.
  5. Land Trusts
    •  I will spearhead the Land Trust Movement in order to more affectively protect green spaces and wetlands. It’s been the effective mode out West for nearly a century and we actually have a few in the area. It keeps it out of the hand of developers and out of the hands their politicians. This land is our land...and therefore our responsibility.

I want to make the soil and water conservation district more effective by asking all cities and the County commission to allow for a 5 to 10 minute report quarterly at their meetings. Currently that has never been done. So...a sixth...concurrent action

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