5 Star Ways How You Can Help

Here We Go

The Final Push


Let me first say, "Thank you very much for all of your support." I know that there are bigger races with seemingly more at stake than who the Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor is. You know local efforts lead to greatest effects in your neighborhood. You put effort, and money, and some yard space into it. That makes it valuable to me. I want to make it valuable to you. My 5 Star Action Plan is here.  We are doing far more than running a simple Soil and Water campaign. 

     The Shaun team is working for a bigger goal. We are building a template for success. You are a major part of it. So how can you help in this Final Push? 


  1. Vote
    • Cast your ballot. Vote for Shaun Kunz for Seminole Soil and Water Conservation District Group: 5
    • Wear a pin and talk me up while you are there. You are allowed to speak- they frown upon campaigning. 
  2. Bring Your sign when you vote. 
    • Plant it outside while you are inside. Retrieve it after you leave, unless it is election day. Then leave it. 
    • Stay another 20 minutes, hold your sign for traffic and incoming voters to see. They'll recognize a neighbor and trust your good judgement. Smile. 
  3. Call/Knock on your neighbor's door.
    • I have plenty of material to share, but your word is valuable enough. 
    • Give them a ring and tell them why you voted for me. Ask them to too.
    • By neighbors, I mean - everyone you know in the county.
  4. Sign Wave.
    • If you have one of my signs, great. If you see one, borrow it. Stand on the sidewalk, off the easement, and wave at the oncoming neighbors. in 20 minutes on a busy street (436, 434, 426, or any road you know.) 400 cars can go by at rush hours. Imagine if you stayed an hour.
    • Bring a friend. I'll bring them a sign.
  5. Share, Share, Share, on Social Media.
    • Share this page, Share my Facebook content- especially in closed regional groups.
    • Share your word. Tell people you voted for a smaller office, and it's important, and you voted for Shaun Kunz for Soil and Water Conservation District Group:5

Thank you so much!