What if it's not enough?

I recently received this feedback regarding the 5 Star Plan:

“Hello Shaun, Thank you for this informative website. I really appreciate that you have laid out your objectives and plans. I understand that you’ll push for volunteerism, however, I just wonder what the plan of action is if volunteer turnout is not enough? What if fundraising also doesn’t bring in enough? Sorry, a bit of pessimism in me. Thank you for your time. Regards, Grace ”



Thank you so much for contacting me on my website. I appreciate the feedback. What is the plan of action f volunteer turnout is not enough? What if fundraising isn't enough? I would ask, "Enough for what?"
      There are some expenses the SSWCD has, and those get met by contributions from the supervisors and from citizens. Truth be told they are a bit silly and can even be done cheaper or free, (Websites, email, etc.). Some can not, yet. 
     If we were rallying for a lake cleanup, we work with what we have and earmark the rest for next time. Every other month I organize an Adopt-A-Road clean up in Lake Mary along Lake Mary Blvd (except this month due to the elections). If not "enough" people show up, then we are as effective as we can be and honor everyone's efforts by working hard. I wouldn't turn to a small group and say, "You're not enough."  The SWAN program, the SSWCD Certified Neighborhoods, the fundraising, the business promotion, and the education programs will have a result. 
     I know how benign that sounds. The results as of now, the status quo, is a bit dismal. There can only be improvement. I have been door-knocking for weeks now and these ideas have resonated well. I will contact those in my records that have responded in kind and offer the positions to them (and you) first. 
   The Conservation District does not mandate, nor legislate. Volunteerism is what we have. If we get less than we need, then the public will not realize the cooperation they need. That's it. A natural consequence for passive resignation to the status quo. Most people do not bother to size one another up at a goodwill volunteer event. Could you imagine the community we could build when we all realize that we work together very well when we shut off the news, get outside and get working together? I can.
Thank you very much,

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